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This week, we are baking:

Our Pies!

We’ve developed more than 150 recipes to fill our crisp, golden pies.

Each week we select at least six fillings to bake. The choice depends on the season and our latest inspirations. During the summer months we use fresh herbs, a variety of seasonal vegetables and lighter, cream based fillings that work as well cold as hot for our fish, chicken, gammon and vegetarian options. Customers tell us that our pies make the perfect picnic treat.

Come the colder months replace the creamy based fillings with stock based recipes. We love using game and our Cotswold venison fillings are always very popular. We also have partridge and pheasant recipes to tickle a game-lover’s fancy.

A couple of fillings are so popular, namely our award-winning Breton chicken and the rich overnight shin of beef, that we bake them year round.


All the ingredients are cooked, so if you'd like your pie hot, you are reheating, not cooking....

Reheat at 160 degrees C (fan oven) or 180 degrees C or gas mark 4 for 20 minutes. 



This week, we are baking:

Breton chicken

British Pie Awards 2017: silver, 2016: highly commended,  2014 class champion

 Classic ingredients of Brittany: free range chicken, gammon, apples and local Severn Cider.  Finished with a grain mustard sauce.


Rich overnight shin of beef

British Pie Award 2017: silver, 2016: highly commended

Simmered in red wine & roasted garlic. With root vegetables & thyme. Finished with Madeira.

Smoked salmon Parmentier

British Pie Award 2015 gold winner

Sliced potatoes, spinach & haricot beans, finished with a vermouth parsley cream.


Veggistan (vegan)

A delicately spiced chickpea masala with carrots, chickpeas, green peppers & peas.  Background flavours of ginger, garlic, tamarind & roasted cumin.

Wild boar & chorizo

British Pie Award 2017: silver

With roasted red peppers, potato & onion in a sweet tomato sauce. Flavoured with smoked paprika, oregano & bay and a hint of dark chocolate.


Seriously cheesy golden beet & bean (V)

A delicious creamy combination; golden beet, spinach & butter beans in a tangy parsley and cheddar cream. 



British Pie Award 2018: bronze

Very French Alps. Creamy garlic potatoes with gammon, cheese & parsley.  A perfect picnic pie.

Slow, slow Cotswold venison

Marinated in cider then slow cooked with mushrooms, pearl onions, sage and redcurrant jelly. Finished with our own demi-glace.


Coq au vin

Free range chicken, lardons, mushrooms, carrots, pearl onions, garlic, celery & quince jelly. Marinated in red wine with thyme & bay.  Simple & classic.



Our pies:

  • Are proper pies, with a short crust pastry shell and lid. We make the delicious short crust pastry ourselves from only butter, flour, vegetable oil and water. We add organic maize flour to make the pastry short and crisp.
  • Have only natural flavourings. We don’t use emulsifiers, stabilisers or artificial flavourings.
  • Have fillings that have been prepared by hand. We peel and chop. We smoke, roast our spices and marinate. It takes us three days to make the stock for our fillings
  • Have regularly changing fillings. We introduce new recipes according to the season and our latest inspirations
  • Yes, we do buy from local companies. Our unique combinations of flavours and ingredients also require us to source ingredients from all over the country and Europe
  • Keep for several days (below 5°c) and freeze perfectly
  • Weight 270g

ingredients & allergens

We do not use artificial colourings or flavourings.  We do not use any artificial preservatives or emulsifiers.

The pastry we make for all our pies (except the vegan pie) contains the same ingredients: flour, organic maize flour, salted butter, vegetable oil and water.



Allergens listed in bold text 

Cotswold venison

Venison, onion, garlic, pearl onions, mushrooms, redcurrant jelly, cider, seasoning, mixed herbs, soy sauce, cornflour, demi glace, water, tomatoes.

 V   Seriously cheesy golden beet & bean

Golden beet, cheddar cheese, onion, spinach, butter beans, flour, butter, milk, salt & pepper, parsley, cream.

Breton chicken

chicken, onion, gammon, apples, parsley, ground black pepper,

grain mustard, cider, cornflour, water, cream (dairy).

 Shin of beef

Beef shin, onion, carrots, celery, passata, red wine (contains sulphites), soy sauce, garlic, salt, pepper, sugar, demi glace,  cornflour, bay leaves, thyme, water.


Potatoes, onions, gammon, mixture of reblechon and extra mature cheddar cheese (dairy), garlic, salt & pepper, flour, milk, cream (dairy) parsley.

 Coq au vin

Free range chicken, lardons, pearl onions, celery, mushroom, carrot, red wine (contains sulphites) herbs, garlic, salt & pepper, soy, flour, stock, oil.

 Wild boar & chorizo

Minced boar, chorizo, chicken liver, onion, passata, red pepper, potatoes,  smoked sweet paprika, garlic, bay, sugar, oregano, sherry vinegar, dark chocolate, orange zest.

 Smoked salmon

Salmon (fish), spinach, potato, haricot beans, onion, flour (gluten), cream (dairy), butter (dairy), milk (dairy), parsley, vermouth, salt & pepper. 

 The pastry:  flour (gluten), organic maize flour, salted butter (dairy) vegetable oil, salt and water.   Egg and cream glaze on the lids.

 Veggistan (vegan) tomatoes, onions, carrots, chickpeas, green peppers, peas, coriander, chilli powder, ginger, garlic, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, salt, sugar, asafoetida, tamarind.

The pastry: veg oil, maize, flour (gluten), salt, water.

Although we do not use nuts in any of our current fillings, we do not claim that the bakery is nut free.

This week, we are baking: