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We’ve been making our award-winning pies for more than 10 years and supply pubs all over the UK. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things:

Some pubs say that they don’t want pies on their menus, due to the cost of making them. Well, this shows a pub with a keen eye on their GP; we can help with that.

We also hear the comment, “We make our own pies” – our response? “and what does that cost you?” Almost always, they don’t know! They just know it takes a very long time.

So, there’s an item on their menu that’s not been costed, and pretty often this home-made, labour intensive offering is the bottom item on the menu and is a steak & ale or chicken & mushroom pie.

Our pies are specifically created to achieve an excellent GP – simply because we don’t do traditional or basic.

What we do is different, sophisticated and labour saving.

A sophisticated pie commands an average extra £3.00 or £4.00 on your menu, especially when served with cost-effective yet innovative sides.

A Plenty! pie means:


Saving you time & selling at a higher price.


We’ve lots of suggestions for original sides.


All our ideas have been tested in our development kitchen.

What’s served with our pies is key to making them your customers’ choice. We’ve got years of award-winning pie-making under our belts and a great deal of experience working with pub proprietors and development chefs. This means we can offer lots of ideas about accompaniments.

Below are examples of menus…

Already have a fixed menu? Try our pies as a special – we can provide a professional, custom-written chalkboard for you.

The Pie Pub

Went there a few weeks ago to meet some friends. Always a sucker for a good pie! I’ve had some horrors in my time, I often think that if the chef can only do a bog standard steak and ale, just don’t bother!

Two of us had the beef pie, one had the chicken pie and hubby had fish and chips. I had the beef pie. It was without doubt the best pie I have eaten. The filling was really rich, I could taste garlic and red wine and herbs but what made it was the pastry. A lovely shortcrust I could actually taste the butter!

Out of curiosity I tried the chicken pie my friends had ordered. A bit different! It was creamy with apple and I think bacon. Top notch. Hubby was left with his fish but that was really good too, the batter was actually crispy without being greasy.

A word of warning. We were planning on puddings. The portions are so generous we didn’t do puddings! It’s a;so nice and airy and the staff are really smiley. Well done, return visit next week for more pie!

Trip Adviser review - 31 March 2019

Our home-made pies do go very well here in our restaurant, but we now feel that it makes more economic sense to buy-in quality pies.

The White Horse

Our customers love Plenty! Pies – we love not having to make them!

The Cross Hands

Better than we could ever make!

The Stag Inn

Plenty! gave us great advice; lots of ideas beyond mash & gravy…

The Red Lion

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