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We supply lots of farm shops, delis, butchers, cafes, golf clubs and other venues throughout the UK. We choose not to be stocked by supermarkets, so your customers have an exclusive, high-end product.

The Range

We bake a selection of seven unique fillings at any time. We bake our two best-selling pies, the Breton chicken and shin of beef, all year round. Our range of innovative recipes includes cream-based fillings and rich, stock-based pies. The cream-based fillings are just as delicious cold as hot. We offer a vegan pie, so the pastry is made with vegetable oil, rather than butter like the rest of the range.

We regularly develop new recipes so that the range continues to be fresh and exciting. You can see the current selection of fillings on the ‘our pies’ page.

The pies have a chilled shelf life of nine days and freeze very well-meaning that there is no waste.

Choice of unwrapped or wrapped pies

Each filling has its individual topping, making it easy for customers to choose. A display of unwrapped pies shows off their tempting golden pastry and generous size.

We also offer individually wrapped pies; each filling has a distinct label with enticing description.

Information & point of sale

We provide a laminated list of all ingredients and allergens information. Your choice of POS will depend on whether you’re displaying unwrapped or wrapped pies. The beautifully designed materials reflect a gourmet product and work to maximise your sales.


If you’re based on one of our delivery routes, we’ll deliver to you weekly. Delivery is free with a minimum order of 24 pies.

If you’re further from our Gloucestershire bakery, we use a dedicated overnight carrier and custom made chilled packaging.

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